Employer Career Zone

This policy is relevant for any agency managing recruitment on behalf of another organisation, including recruitment agencies, outsourced HR functions, and job-boards.

Intermediaries should not post general adverts promoting their agency or website. Every advert must relate to a specific vacancy or a recruitment campaign for a specific employer.

Where the employer-name is in the public domain (e.g. the employer name is mentioned in the title or text of the advert, candidates are directed to the employer’s own website, or if it appears on the agency website) the advert must be added to the employer’s own profile on our system. If a profile does not already exist, please set one up (making sure to classify it as a “direct employer”); alternatively, where there is a pre-existing profile, you can request a login to access that profile.

Please note that while we may allow agencies to access employer profiles so you can manage vacancies on behalf of your clients, you are not allowed to make changes to that profile (e.g. renaming, altering contact details other than your own, etc.) without the express written permission of University staff. Unauthorised changes may result in your organisation being banned from using our services.

The same process applies when you are booking events or other services via our system.

We understand many agencies wish to keep the names of their employer clients confidential. In these circumstances, you should set up a profile in your own name and classify yourself as an “Agent for employer”. When you input a vacancy, you will find a field in the form where you can add the name of the employer. This should be ticked to keep it invisible to students. No vacancy will be accepted unless the end-employer is disclosed to Employment Services.

If necessary, we may also request contact details for the employer in order to verify their wishes. All such details are disclosed to us on the understanding that:

  • Where requested, disclosure is a condition of advertising i.e. the vacancy will not be accepted unless these details are disclosed;
  • The information will not be made public (e.g. appear on our website or be attached to a specific vacancy or agency);
  • Employment Services may contact the client to verify their wishes regarding advertising;
  • Employment Services may send material marketing its own services to contacts disclosed in these circumstances.

If more than one agency submits the same vacancy we will act in favour of the first agency to contact us unless instructed otherwise directly by the employer. If an agency submits a vacancy already advertised by the employer in their own right or the employer submits a vacancy already sourced through an agency, we will advertise the employer’s own vacancy (removing / rejecting the agency versions as necessary) unless instructed otherwise directly by the employer.