Consolidated form for new staff v2

Please enter the job role
Please enter the staff username
Please enter the staff email address
Please enter the staff's phone number. If no phone number, please put down the Line Manager's phone number.
Please note that if this form is not being filled in by a line manager then you will need to arrange for the line manager to authorise for N drive access and record below or email this authorisation to
Send email to if Line Manager not available to authorise this.
We will give them the same MCZ access as their colleague
Please explain how they intend to use My Career Zone.
Workgroups are specific groups that staff and students can be put into so that certain events/emails can be targeted at specific groups of people. For example, if the staff member works in the Business school, then they will need to be added to the Business school workgroup. If you are unsure about workgroups then add the staff to a generic workgroup and contact My Career Zone for more information who can provide targeted help for the staff member.
Please write below any additional information about workgroup access required.
Auto fills name of person submitting form.