My Career Zone Account Application Form

This form is designed to help us give you the access you need to My Career Zone. In some cases you may find that you do not match any criteria to apply for access. In these cases you do not need to submit the form.

About My Career Zone

My Career Zone is designed to help current students and graduates of the University of Exeter with careers advice and information. It also provides support for Postgraduate Research Students, Early Career Researchers and GBPs. LTHE participants can also register.

If you are a member of staff at the university looking for career development and not included in the above categories then this site is not designed for you and please see instead:

If you are looking for vacancies at the University please visit:

Information about the access you need

For example aa000

All students, early career researchers (ECRs) and academic staff should automatically be set up in My Career Zone through data transferred from other university systems. We additionally allow staff access who meet the criteria above. 

You do not need to submit this form as you do not meet the criteria for access. If you require further information about access to My Career Zone please email

We set up GBPs with Graduate accounts as this will give access to the most relevant content. As a graduate eligible for a GBP role you should already have a graduate account so you do not need a new account. If you are having difficulties accessing your account please email

You will need to choose the Graduate option when logging into My Career Zone and if you request a password reset it will be sent to the personal email registered to the account.

You do not need to submit this form as you do not need to apply for an account.

Application for Graduate account for GBP

Please provide the following information.

We provide access for 3 months from the end date. If contract is extended let us know at

Please complete the information below to register for a staff account.

Thank you for completing this information. You will get an email when the account has been setup.

Please click on this link to apply for an admin account

Apply for a Student acount

Please complete details below and submit form to apply for a student account.

Please note that these are the only cases at present where we grant access to people who are not current staff, students or a graduate. 

You do not need to submit this form as you do not match the criteria to apply for an account.

If you want further information about access please email

Apply for an Associate Account

Please complete the information below to apply for an Associate account. 

Please click on link below for an Employer account.