Pathways to Data Analytics- Employer Form 2019

The Pathways to Data Analytics will find your organisation a bright and brilliant University of Exeter student to complete a 1 week paid internship (fully funded by the University of Exeter) April 1st-5th 2019

Pathways to Data Analytics - Employer Vacancy Form

Please provide details of the internship vacancy you wish to advertise.
All interns will work for 35 hours between 1st-5th April. What times would you like them to work during this period?
Where possible, we would prefer the students to undertake their internships in the workplace. However, some workplace locations may be inaccessible for our students. Please could you specify below which option you are able to offer.
JOB DESCRIPTION Purpose of Role Duties and Responsibilities Training and Support Company Travel (please specify if there is any company travel required as part of this role that would require a student to have their own transport) PERSON SPECIFICATION Personal Qualities and Attributes Skills
What are the hazards involved in this internship? Please consider the hazards within the working environment and hazards of the tasks that interns will be involved in. If hazards are present, please outline the control measures you have in place / will put in place for the intern. For guidance on the identification of hazards and control measures please visit
I have reviewed the workplace and the tasks that I will be expecting this intern to undertake and I can confirm there are no significant risks or that the risks identified can be managed to a safe level.
By completing this form, you are confirming that you: