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Internship Feedback Form

Thank you for completing feedback, the statistical information gathered from this form will contribute to the overall evaluation of our internship schemes and help us to improve our services.
We would really like to use some of your comments in our marketing to inspire other students and graduates. Please indicate below if you would be happy for us to share your comments and/or photograph on our marketing materials.
I agree to my comments being used for marketing purposes e.g. case studies, newsletters, social media posts, newspaper feature
Only applicable for University of Exeter Students and Graduates. If you have now gradauted from Exeter please insert your former student number or write N/A.
Please select which scheme your internship was part of. You may have used more than one scheme to secure your internships e.g. You applied for your job through SBP, which was funded by A2I.
e.g. University of Exeter or Clickhub
Please include your job reference number if known e.g. SCP 4444 Research Assistant
Outputs=what you produced e.g. market research report or social media campaign. Outcomes=consequence or impact of your work e.g. target new demographics or increase of click through rates to your company website and % increase in sales
Please use a STAR example, describing the situation, task, actions and result of your work.
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