Pathways to Digital Innovation (Penryn) - Employer Vacancy Form 2019

Through enrolling in Pathways to Digital Innovation on the Penryn Campus, your organisation will be provided with a University of Exeter student to assist in your organisation's activities and needs. Internships will be completed over 1 week from 24th - 28th June 2019, with the student salary funded by the University of Exeter.

Pathways to Digital Innovation (Penryn) - Employer Vacancy Form

Please provide details of the internship vacancy you wish to advertise.
All internships need to be within the Digital Innovation sector. Please try to provide a title which will indicate what the role will entail. e.g. Fundraising Assistant, Research Assistant, Marketing Assistant.
All interns will work for 35 hours in total over the week, however the employer can choose the working pattern i.e. preferred start and end times each day.
What sort of intern working pattern would suit you best?
JOB DESCRIPTION: Please detail the purpose of the role, any duties and responsibilities and the training and support offered. PERSON SPECIFICATION: Personal qualities, attributes and skills required for the role.
What are the hazards involved in this internship? Please consider the hazards within the working environment and hazards of the tasks that interns will be involved in. If hazards are present, please outline the control measures you have in place / will put in place for the intern. For guidance on the identification of hazards and control measures please visit
I have reviewed the workplace and the tasks that I will be expecting this intern to undertake and I can confirm there are no significant risks or that the risks identified can be managed to a safe level.
The intern will be employed by the University to undertake the internship within your organisation and all parties will be required to sign an agreement which can be found here: I confirm I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Student Secondment Agreement.
You/your organisation will need to ensure that you have valid employer and public liability insurance in place throughout the period of the internship. I agree to hold valid employer and public liability insurance throughout the period of the internship.

GDPR - Student Employability and Academic Success Privacy Notice

The University of Exeter (the “University”) is a data controller and is committed to protecting your personal data and working in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. The Student Employability & Academic Success (SEAS) team supports collaborations with external (non-University) partners. We will keep data about your organisation and the projects, events and work experience opportunities that you either undertake with us in order to help us effectively manage our activities with you, or supporting our students’ employability development, this includes marketing products and services. This Privacy Notice explains how the University processes and uses the personal data we collect from individuals working with SEAS: