Green Consultant- Internship Vacancy Form-2021

Green Consultants will find your organisation a University of Exeter student to complete a 35 hours or a 105 hour internship between 29/3/2021 until 25/6/2021.

Green Consultants - Internship Vacancy Form 2021

Please note we would prefer our students to conduct their internship in your workplace, however if this is not possible due to further Covid-19 restrictions, the internship would need to be able to take place remotely.
Please click one button below to indicate how sustainable you consider your organisation is currently.
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There is no requirement to have already taken steps towards sustainability.
This can include meetings with line manager; access to team; access to company data; workspace etc
If there is any other information that you think we need or we have specifically asked for, please include here.
By completing this form, you are confirming that you: