Welcome to Refresh Your Maths!

Refresh Your Maths is an employability skills training session, led by Maths students, to help you brush up your Maths and prepare you for numerical reasoning tests. The SSIS Employability Team has collaborated with the College of Engineering, Maths, and Physical Sciences, and has employed Maths students to lead these fantastic workshops. Please do not worry about your level of ability, the workshops are a friendly environment for all and are designed to help you brush up on your GCSE-level Maths.


There are a number of different types of Refresh Your Maths skills sessions. Take a look at the descriptions below to find out which best suits your needs before you book a session.

Refresh Your Maths!

These are general sessions designed to help you brush up your GCSE-level maths abilities. These are 90 minutes long, and cover:

  • Ratios.
  • Fractions.
  • Percentages.
  • Interpreting Graphs.
  • Numerical Reasoning.

Refresh Your Maths: Numerical Reasoning (Practice Session)

These sessions are designed to help you to brush up your skills for Numerical Reasoning Tests, which are required by some employers during application processes. Numerical Reasoning Tests measure your ability to interpret, analyse and come to logical conclusions based on data presented in graphs and tables. Many employers use the tests to determine your ability to problem solve and make logical decisions.

These sessions are 60 minutes long. We advise you attend the 90-minute maths skills refresher before the numerical reasoning practice workshops.

Refresh Your Maths: Numerical Reasoning (Test Conditions)

These sessions are designed to allow you to practice the Numerical Reasoning Test in test conditions. These are 60 minutes long. We advise you attend the numerical reasoning practice workshop before the practice test.

Refresh Your Maths: PGCE Test Specialist Session

These sessions specifically cover the PGCE Maths Test. These are 60 minutes long, and cover both getting to grips with strategies for taking the test and practicing questions.

Other Maths Help and Resources

You can visit the Refresh Your Maths ELE page for an extensive list of other resources to help you improve your maths abilities.