The ‘Think, Try, Do’ programme aims to inspire and recognise students that engage with the skills necessary to foster their own start-up company. The culmination of cooperation between several University of Exeter services and the Exeter Innovation Centre, the ‘Think, Try, Do’ programme takes participants through each step of establishing a thriving start-up and instilling the skills necessary to succeed from inception to deployment. Even if you don’t aim to run your own business the enterprising skills developed through the ‘Think, Try, Do’ programme can be applied throughout your life and career including:

  • Creativity and innovation,
  • Self-confidence,
  • Decisiveness and (calculated) risk-taking,
  • Communication and networking skills.

We also offer a variety of sessions and further support to make sure you make the most of the skills that you develop throughout different stages of the programme:

  • Start-up workshops to gain valuable feedback
  • 1:1 meetings with advisors to keep you on track
  • Bespoke business support from industry professionals
  • Funding and resources to make the most of your start-up
  • The opportunity to pitch your start-ups head to head with others at global competitions

If you are an International Student and are thinking of setting up a business in the UK, the Think, Try, Do programme can lead to an endorsement by the University of Exeter towards a Tier 1 Visa. Find out more by clicking  here.

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