Student Startups at the University of Exeter 

Please note: Instead of 1-1 appointments, the Student Startup team are currently hosting weekly drop-in sessions on Microsoft Teams on Tuesdays at 2-3pm. Please join us at any time during the hour to chat with us about an idea you're working on and get some advice.

The Student Startup team focus on identifying and fostering the startup ambitions of University of Exeter Students across all campuses, colleges and disciplines. Our programme helps you to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset and equips you with the practical toolkit necessary to inspire innovative ideas and create entrepreneurial solutions. You will learn how to undertake rigorous market validation and develop and launch viable and sustainable new enterprises. This is done through a combination of interactive workshops and events, 1-2-1 advising and by facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration. Our goal is to provide inspiration, training, guidance, support and funding opportunities to promote, nurture and enable entrepreneurship during university and post-graduation. 

For more information about the team and the programmes we deliver and to apply to join one of our startup programmes, please visit