The Student Startup team focus on identifying and fostering the startup ambitions of University of Exeter Students. The programme helps you develop a more entrepreneurial mindset and to equip you with the practical toolkit necessary to inspire innovative ideas, to create entrepreneurial solutions, to undertake rigorous market validation and develop and launch viable and sustainable new enterprises. This is done through a combination of interactive workshops and events, 1-2-1 advising and by facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration. Our goal is to provide inspiration, training, guidance, support and funding opportunities to promote, nurture and enable entrepreneurship across all disciplines, colleges and campus’ both during university and post-graduation.

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You can view and book 1-2-1 appointments with a member of the Student Startup Team from the tab to the left. Before meeting for a 1-2-1, you will need to attend at least one Student Startup event; our Startup Business Plan Made Easy workshops are a great place to start!

Please also complete a Startup Idea Form and email it to


Meet the Student Startup Officers!

Katie Hawker

Katie has an MA in Arts Management and a BA in Fine Art and is based on our Exeter campus'. She has worked for a variety of local, national and international arts organisations and is the Founder/Director of Surface Arts; a connective organisation that produces residencies and innovative projects. Through Surface Arts she has successfully managed many projects in the UK and Southeast Asia with a focus on Thailand where she lied and worked for 7 years, setting up an International Residency Program and many other creative projects, developing partnerships with the likes of the British Council, Goethe Institute, Asia New Zealand Foundation and Chiang Mai University.

Silvia Paloschi

Silvia has a BA in Modern Languages and and MA in Applied translation and has recently started working for Google as a Google Digital Garage Trainer for the Southwest. She has worked across a wide range of industries, including fashion, translation, education, market research, digital marketing, and has implemented customer service, editorial SEO and content marketing strategies for blue chip companies such as John Lewis, Sony, Dolce&Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, C&A, Nike, Asics, TUC, Disneyland Paris, Hertz and Accenture, amongst others. She is our resident expert on all things digital - providing valuable insight and training in creating and implementing strategic social media and digital marketing campaigns.

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If you are an International Student and are thinking of setting up a business in the UK, the Student Startup team may be able to support you. Find out more by clicking here.

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